How to create Conscious Chemistry® with the one who is meant for the true you. Dr. Robert explains what makes a man fall in love.

Get unstuck in finding love by stop fixing yourself

Have you ever felt stuck in fixing mode?

Watch this video where Debi Berndt describes how the healing and fixing treadmill is actually keeping you single and stuck. The more you try to avoid something about yourself, the deeper you push it into your subconscious mind and you attract MORE of what you don’t want.  Learn a simple way to break free of past and focus on possibilities in attracting the love of your life!

Need some personal support?

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About Debi Berndt

Debi Berndt and Dr. Robert Maldonado are the co-founders of Creative Love™, a personal development company that helps people create healthy, lasting relationships. They’ve worked with thousands of singles across the world to find true love and their Creative Love™ Process is now taught in 13 different languages.

Debi is the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN and Robert holds a Ph.D. in psychology and is an expert in Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Yoga and Meditation.

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