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Free Your Heart & Mind to Find True Love

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What if you have the power within you RIGHT NOW
to create the love you want?

Dear Lovable One,

Why is it so HARD to find the one? Great question...and we have the answer!

Have you tried to stay positive, but get easily discouraged when you have a bad date or feel like no one interesting is showing up?

Do you feel you are making bad choices in men or women but just can't stop yourself?

Do you feel unlovable and are trying too hard to change that belief but keep ending up feeling heartbroken and alone?

Are you tired of attracting the same type of man or woman and wonder what you can do to change the pattern?

The reason it has been harder for you is because you've been looking in the wrong place.

No, not the wrong dating site, and not the wrong happy hours or meet-ups. The place you haven't looked is within your own mind.

If you have done some inner work, the approach you have taken has been about fixing something in you to be good enough to be loved. You are already good enough - that is your natural state of being. This is why you are stuck, searching for love in all the wrong places...

We are about to set your mind free!

You don't need to clear blocks or erase beliefs from your mind. There is NOTHING TO FIX.

You don't need to play the game to manipulate a man (or woman) to stay.

Once you understand how your mind works, then you will be

What you need is a new, empowering perspective on love.

This may sound magical or even crazy, but you can have love in your life RIGHT NOW. But...there is something in the way of you finding that special person, and it probably isn't what you think it is...

* You don't have to date a ton of people.
* You don't have to get the perfect online profile.
* You don't have to be a certain age, weight, height, or possess perfect features.
* You don't have to fix yourself or get therapy.
* You don't have to wait for the "right timing"
* You don't have to do things "right" or follow the rules
* You don't have to understand "how men or women think"
* You can be yourself and relax



Truly Life Changing Journey!

Robert. Debbie. This is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. This is real. This is true love. This is what I prayed for, asked for and hoped was truly possible. Tears well up in my eyes as my heart is overflowing with gratitude.

He has worked me through a few fears and a few shadows and is as solid as a rock.
He believes I am the woman he has been looking for all his life and it feels like best friends, true love and the added bonus of romance.

My children adore him and want me to marry him. He asked me to chose a ring last night. When things are official, I will of course update you.I just HAD to take an opportunity to thank you from the depths of my heart for taking us through a truly life changing journey. It is exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  God Bless you!
-S.B., (Minnesota, USA)

Never treated so well
“I’ve never been treated so well. This is the one!” — C.O. | Columbus, OH

I'm Engaged!
“I’m engaged! Thank you so much for your guidance in drawing my true love to me.” — C.A. | Saudi Arabia

How do I know about struggling to find great love? I can totally relate. My name is Debi Berndt and I am the author of the bestselling book, LET LOVE IN and co-founder of Creative Love. Before I met my partner, Dr. Robert Maldonado, my love life wasn't so pretty.

I was single into my forties and felt so frustrated with the type of advice I was getting in self-help books (and even from my friends).

They told me to be more positive, to act more confident and be less needy. They said, "It will happen when you aren't looking or you are too picky." None of this was helping me.

I went to some self-help workshops and they told me that I had low self-esteem and co-dependency and father issues.

They suggested therapy, breathwork and energy healing.

They told me I needed to be healed and fix myself in order to find love. I tried EVERYTHING and I was exhausted. I felt bad about myself and nothing helped and I only felt worse. I felt broken and wounded and unlovable. But, worst of all, I was started to lose hope that anything would ever change and feared that I would be alone forever.

All of that changed when I began hypnotherapy school and started to learn about the unconscious mind.

All the work I had been doing before was futile because I was only changing things on the surface (re-arranging the furniture) but not getting to the root.

When I discovered how to work with my unconscious mind, everything started to change FAST.

I stopped being attracted to unavailable men and was open to dating NICE GUYS who wanted a commitment.

After countless dates for years doing it the hard way, it only took ONE date after I made the shift to finally meet the love of my life, Dr. Robert!

Robert had his own journey to find me and it also involved working with Jungian Psychology and Vedantic philosophy. He put his peanut butter in my chocolate and we made a delicious combination together in the CREATIVE MIND PROCESS.

NOW...you can use the SAME system to FIND YOUR OWN TRUE LOVE!


It begins with becoming conscious of who you are beyond the masks you wear in dating and know what your TRUE SELF wants so you can attract the right partner into your life.

This is a spiritual journey moving from trying to grasp for love out of desperation to turning inward to create a clear vision and allow it to easily come to you.

We developed a program for intelligent, educated women and men who are ready for a deep shift without all the drama, healing or therapy. We know you are a mature, smart person who is looking for real answers and you don't want to play dating games anymore. You also know that you are tired of being on the fix-me treadmill and ready to jump off and jump into real love!

Our clients say they wish they would have done this approach earlier and it would have saved them a ton of heartache and time!  We want this to be easy for you too.

LET LOVE IN: Free Your Heart & Mind to Find True Love.

This 5-part virtual program will help you attract the love of your life by changing the way you perceive yourself and relationships, based on Jungian Psychology and eastern philosophy, without any healing or therapy!

Instead of superficial dating tips, common-sense advice, silly rituals or techniques, this program takes you DEEP into your own MIND to create the love you want that lasts!

No longer feeling powerless to fate, you take the reins of your mind, open your heart and allow great love to come into your life.

Here's an overview of each Module of the program:

         See Opportunities for Love All Around You!


Module 1:    Change How You SEE Love

So you can see the opportunities for love all around you.

Do you feel powerless when it comes to love? Do you constantly look at your results no matter what you do and find you end up in the same place? This module will show you how to:

-Understand How You Experience Relationships and how your MIND forms what you SEE in the partners you attract and, most importantly, how your mind incorrectly INTERPRETS everyday dating situations so that you can attract an interesting, successful and committed person into your life who has everything you want!

-Clarify a POWERFUL DESIRE for a relationship rather than a needy desire to fill a void, even if you never felt powerful before.

-End the pattern of SUPERFICIAL ATTRACTION that ends in pain and discover what you really want and desire so you can have a lasting, loving relationship.

-Understand the psychology and neuroscience of romantic attraction so that you can choose someone based on CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY

More Testimonials for Creative Mind Process!

Better than I imagined

“He’s better than I imagined he would be.” — G.C. | Chicago, IL."

Cloud Ten!

I am on cloud ten! Thank you for helping us find each other.” — T.C. | Toronto, CANADA

Met him in 8 weeks!

"We met 8 weeks after we started working together and just celebrating our one year wedding anniversary!” — A.D., New York, NY

What you will get out of Module 1:

  • Practical mindset tips on how to experience more love every day and see more possibilities to meet your ONE, even if you feel like you lost hope.
  • A clear picture of how you have been selecting mates and how it has given you the present results so you can change them
  • Begin to see beyond the mask of your PERSONA that you wear in dating and allow yourself to relax and be yourself
  • Ability to find an attractive, interesting, successful and committed person into your life who has everything you want!
  • Uncover the "hidden story" that has been running your life story unconsciously so you can stop letting it control your love decisions

Change the Habit of Being Single To Being IN LOVE!

MODULE 2: Create Your Lasting Love Pattern

So you can be in control of your love destiny.

Being single isn't a fate, it is just a habit that was created by past conditioning.

You can stop pretending to be someone you are not to get a man to love you and finally BE YOURSELF to attract a new, lasting love.

In this module, you will:

-Discover patterns (unspoken rules that you have been taught to live by) that are shutting down your heart and making you overly cautious in dating and relating where no one can penetrate the wall, so that you can be free to act without attachment to results and make finding love a more joyful adventure.

-Go beyond dating games and rules and cultivate the courage to be your authentic self in dating, so you can attract a relationship that is true to the real you.

-Understand the key to aligning your mindset and actions in dating so you can enjoy a new type of relating with potential partners without fear of rejection.

-Get a simple technique to help you distinguish between Intuition and Fear so you can feel the excitement of being courageous in dating instead of hiding out, even if you don't date alot or haven't dated in a long time.

What you will get out of Module 2:

  • Change old dating patterns and become more conscious of your love decisions
  • Deepen your intuition and inner guidance to drive you to the ONE
  • Master the art of aligning with mindset of possibility so you can see more opportunities for love in all of your social experiences.

Reclaim Your Emotional Power

Module 3: Open Your Heart to Lasting Love

So you can find someone who matches your open-heart!

In this module you learn to use your natural ability to feel emotions to open your heart.

There is no need to "clear" or "heal" your emotions. Emotions, deeply felt, allow you to fully connect on a deep and soulful level.

Master your emotional life (instead of allowing them to run your relationships unconsciously) so that you can truly open your heart to love.


What you will get out of Module 3:

  • Face any emotion with power and stop allowing them to drive your actions or letting fear limit your life.
  • Open your heart to feel the love inside so you can be free to feel again without fear, even if you never felt loved before.
  • Understand how your ego stops the flow of emotions and how you can unlock your heart to great love through your true self

Become a master of  Creating LOVE
so you can find someone who matches your OPEN-HEART


Module 4:   Discover True Love

Reveal your Authentic True Self so that you can connect with the ONE who is RIGHT for you!

Learn a natural and easy way to connect with divine love even if you have never been in love before.

You are meant to find someone amazing. You already have the ability to love on a great level.

Master the creative forces within your unconscious mind that will draw in the love you have always wanted...FAST.

What you will get out of Module 4:

  • Get a direct experience of BEING IN LOVE rather than just a conceptual idea
  • Feel deeply connected to the creative spirit within you to cultivate love in your life
  • Think, feel and act with love naturally and effortlessly so you are irresistible in dating
  • Recognize true love when you meet someone rather than superficial infatuation so you can hold out for the REAL DEAL

Step into a New Future where Love is not only a possibility...but an eventuality.



Listen to other callers being coached and get even more insights as it is sometimes easier to see yourself in others rather than looking directly at yourself.

This call is over, but you still have access to the replay.

                               (Value $2000)

This program is for you if...

  • You love spiritual and personal development and open to learn about your psyche
  • You want to find a deep connection with a partner, an extraordinary relationship
  • Are confused about the different "manifest your mate" programs and want to know the real psychology of love based on Jungian Psychology
  • You are smart, successful in other areas but still struggle with finding a lasting relationship
  • You are ready to take your power back and personal responsibility for your results in life
  • You are open to learning a new way of seeing the world and ready for a new perspective
  • You are willing to be a little uncomfortable so you can move outside of your comfort zone
  • You want to cultivate your natural creative mind and open your heart to great love
  • You are ready to finally find the ONE....

It is your time to Open Your Heart to True Love


Let Love In: Free your Heart and Mind for True Love
is a new program created by Dr. Robert Maldonado & Debi Berndt
that is specifically designed for single women and men who are ready for deep mindset process without any drama or therapy.

Be transformed into the person you were meant to be - in love and life!

If you are ready to make FAST CHANGES on a deep level, this is the program for you!

The LET LOVE IN program is 5-part virtual online course that you can take in the comfort of your home or listen on your portable device.

All classes are pre-recorded and you will receive lifetime access to all recordings with your own personal account.

But wait...there's more!
Limited time BONUSES

FOUR BRAND NEW VISUALIZATIONS - Experience four (4) new powerful visualizations to help you focus your mindset and work through the lessons in an easy step-by-step way. These programs will work directly with your unconscious mind for deep, lasting shifts and new insights that come from within you! Each visualization coincides with each class so you can follow along step-by-step and align your mind and heart with true love!
(Value $500)