A real psychology of love that helps you understand why dating tips don't help and what you can do RIGHT NOW to FIND LOVE!

Welcome to Creative Love.

We are on a mission to help you stop struggling with fixing yourself and feeling like you are broken because you are single. There is nothing wrong with you.

Our programs are empowering, uplifting and mind-expanding. Most people start with our Engaged in a Year Group Coaching Program or, if they want personal coaching with Debi or Robert, they join our Mastery level. If you are interested in becoming a Certified Creative Love Coach, you can find out more and complete an application.

Below are brief outlines of each program:

Engaged in A Year

  • Group Coaching Experience for Singles who want to attract the love of their life
  • Understand your love shadows, interact with your Inner Soulmate and embrace your true self
  • The only program available that works on the subconscious level and does not involve healing or fixing but helps you create CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY with the person that is meant for the true you

Get Engaged

Master Love

  • For people who want a higher-level VIP experience with Debi Berndt or Dr. Roberto Maldonado
  • Includes private coaching, Engaged in a Year Program, In-Person VIP Days and private retreats in beautiful places
  • Based on availability. By application only

Become a Master

Become a Certified Coach

  • Learn advanced tools to become a highly-trained coach
  • Attending our Creative Love Academy is like getting a master’s level training in Jungian Psychology, Eastern Philosophy, Hypnotherapy and Advanced Coaching Skills
  • Earn up to $10K month or more working part-time as a certified coach

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