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Dear Lovable One,

You are not single because something is wrong with you. Finding true love is more than knowing how to flirt or communicate properly with the opposite sex. If you aren’t in a great relationship, it is because you don’t how you are unconsciously selecting potential partners.

What if there was something RIGHT with you?
What if you decided NOT to settle and you are holding out for GREAT LOVE?

Dr. Robert Maldonado (psychologist) and Debi Berndt (author of LET LOVE IN) are on a mission to empower single women and men to discover how to be their true selves, drop the dating games and stop the endless healing and feeling of being wounded that has been implied in so many other programs.

The good news is that you are not wounded, you simply aren’t conscious of what is driving your romantic choices. Our work is based on Carl Jung‘s individuation process and we believe (as he did) that everyone has been born with a great potential for love and that potential is never broken or damaged due to your personal history.


It is time to reach your LOVE POTENTIAL

Engaged in Five Months!
I went through your summer EIY program – and W and I were officially engaged on New Year’s Eve!! :)
I’ll be perfectly honest with you – my goal was NOT to be engaged in a year. It was to be MARRIED in a year. Lol.
I remember saying that when you so graciously worked with me to make me taking the course possible. I thought to myself, “I don’t want to just be engaged in a year – I’m ready. I want to be married in a year.” And – I will be!
I have four kids (one, not such a kid anymore at 18) but they adore “W” and he loves them and is amazing with each one of them.
Debi would often say, “he’s probably already in your life! You just don’t “see” him yet.” That’s exactly how it was. I actually thought she was referring to someone else – someone who I thought I would end up with but wasn’t with at the time. 
Funnies thing was, that my fiance and I have been communicating on and off for years on FB and through messaging. He says he was ALWAYS drawn to me but it never EVER entered my mind to date him.
He had been asking me to dinner for months and I continued to decline. Finally, the last week of the EIY program, I had made a commitment to end the “game playing” and get into my heart and be real.
W had messaged me and said that he would love to chat on the phone. He gave me his number. I laughed and said, “I don’t call guys.” He laughed (via instant message) and replied, “time to do a new thing!”
That was it for me. He was right. I did a new thing. I called HIM. (gasp!!) It was a defining point of freedom for me. And, here we are, 5 months later – engaged. 
Thank you again for the incredible love, honesty and support you provided. Believe it or not, I was able to utilize some of the tools I learned to bring W through one or two of his own shadows. We work together to bring each other through any of those things that come up and we continue to marvel at how it’s possible to truly grow WITH someone.
Again, thank you for everything. I am so extremely grateful!
God Bless you:)
S.B., Shakopee, MN
post-dividerTruly Life Changing Journey!
Robert. Debbie. This is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. This is real. This is true love. This is what I prayed for, asked for and hoped was truly possible.
Tears well up in my eyes as my heart is overflowing with gratitude.
He has worked me through a few fears and a few shadows and is as solid as a rock.
He believes I am the woman he has been looking for all his life and it feels like best friends, true love and the added bonus of romance.
My children adore him and want me to marry him. He asked me to chose a ring last night.
When things are official, I will of course update you.I just HAD to take an opportunity to thank you from the depths of my heart for taking us through a truly life changing journey. It is exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  God Bless you!
-S.B., (Minnesota, USA)

I learned to show up in my life in a more authentic and powerful way
I’ve been experiencing much success in different areas of my life. I’ve spent a lot of energy for sustaining that being perfect and successful persona and felt I need to have everything under control. My creativity was completely shut down and my life was totally organized around safety and security. I felt life isn’t meant to be like that and soon after I started exploring new ways of being I met Debi and Roberto. The remarkable teachings and practical tools I’ve learned from Debi and Roberto have helped me access sources of energy and creativity I have never think possible and available. I have learned how to show up in life in a more authentic and more powerful way, how to deepen my work and relationships, and how to live my life with greater courage, confidence and passion. 
Coaching turned out to be critical for success of my work. I started only with lectures believing I could do it by myself. Such an approach has only delayed the results and made progress almost impossible. Debi and Roberto have been creating and offering their teachings in a very diligent, brilliant and peculiar way. I’ve been following their work for two years and I’m so grateful for the support, confidence and care they’ve been offering.   
M.D., Slovenia

The truth is that finding the love of your life does not happen by chance. It’s the result of creating what we call…

Conscious Chemistry®:

the creation of a powerful attraction with the person who is meant for the true you.

In our Engaged in a Year® Program, we’ll show you how to stop hoping to find love, and FINALLY find it.

In this program we’ll show you:

  • Why finding love shouldn’t be so hard
  • See how we fit together like puzzle pieces and how you can change your piece to attract the one who is meant for you.
  • Your Love Shadow™ that is actually preventing you from actually seeing your ideal partner (who could be right next to you right now)
  • How to stop fixing yourself and re-arranging the furniture of your belief system to make it “perfect enough so you can find love”
  • How to stop picking at the problem and start focusing on your great love potential
  • Move beyond “working” on your personal unconscious (conditioning of the past, family history, etc.) to exploring your true, unlimited self.
  • How to let go of the urgency to find someone and relax into dating, enjoying the process
  • How to meet your Inner Adam® (or Eve) – your unconscious mate selector – and direct this part of you to create conscious chemistry with the right match for you.
  • How to find the love of your life and fall passionately in love



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Debi Berndt Officiating WeddingSuccessful Creative Love Stories

Met 30 days after doing a relationship workshop with me.

“It looks like the wedding will probably be May 18th.

I’m really excited! Thanks.

I really do think the visualizations for attracting a loving partner was what helped draw us to each other!”

C.B. | Denver, CO

P.S. Look closely! That’s me, Debi Berndt, officiating her wedding in beautiful Colorado!


I am not the same person I was four months ago!

I had to write a testimonial to Debi & Dr. Rob and this work. After years of “work on myself” – signed up for every dating and relationship program ever created, which would temporarily uplift me and renew my hope, but never changed anything, I found ‘Creative Love Detox’ (another class by Debi and Rob), followed by ‘Engaged in a Year’, which lead me to want to attend the ‘Passion & Purpose” live event in their Manhattan Beach home, and now I am in the Elite coaching program because I knew I wanted to continue doing this work.

I can honestly say I am not the same person I was 4 months ago. I confessed to my best girlfriend that I took a course called “Engaged in a Year” – I told her the most beautiful thing that I got out of that course was that I felt WHOLE for the first time in my life. I still wanted a partner to share my life, but the NEEDY part was gone, almost like magic. I was finally able to give myself the love and approval I always looked for ‘out there’. Other courses told me to love myself but never explained how.

I cannot thank Debi and Dr. Rob enough for deciding to share their knowledge and practices which have changed my life in such beautiful and empowering ways. I would not be who I am now without you – much love to you both!


L.C. San Diego, CA




Being single is not WRONG.

cinderellaFrom the time you were a child you were told that true love magically finds you on your own. That love is a happy accident that happens when you are buying groceries on a random Tuesday.

That if you followed certain rules and adhered to Hollywood’s vision of true love, then your prince (or princess) charming would arrive to sweep you off your feet and carry you into the sunset to live happily ever after

Of course, when your prince never arrives (and if they did, you found out they weren’t all that charming), you were taught that it was your fault that they never came or that they ran off with another maiden, or as the saying goes, “they’re just not that into you.”

From a young age, you were told that being single was wrong. That choosing not to settle means you were somehow broken and incomplete. That finding love should be treated like a job. A chore. A desperate search. Yet deep down you believe finding love should not be this difficult.

And even though you know this you stop listening to yourself and what you truly want in a relationship and listen more and more to the misguided advice of others.

You trust the dating tips that tell you to put on a mask “win”

someone over but you keep ending up with same result.


You trust them to help you find love, to help you get engaged, because after all, you’re not. In a clouded attempt to help you, they create new rules that only lead you to feeling more confused.

So you keep listening to what they have to say.

You pay attention when they say if you want to find true love you must:

    • Not be too fat
    • Not be too skinny
    • Don’t have too much money, but don’t be broke
    • Be independent, but don’t be too successful
    • Play hard to get, but don’t play games. Wait 3 days to call
    • Take it slow. Speed it up

What if there was nothing to fix or heal?

What if you were perfect just as you are?engagedasiancouple

What if the secret to getting engaged wasn’t about fixing something broken or healing some wound but, instead, awakening yourself to what it is you are truly looking for on a deeper spiritual level? What if we busted open the soul mate myth and shone the light on all the nonsensical advice.

What if we can give you the means and way to find the love of your life in a few short months?


“Hi Deb, So, first I want to tell you that I have found love this summer!!!! I bought the 7 set MP3 set from you and listened to at least one session every day!!! And at the same time, I stopped worrying about it… and lo and behold, I met Aaron! I am singing from the rooftops! I have been waving your book around as I sing! I’ve given a copy of your book to 4 of my friends so far!!!! They are into it too!” — Mari Ruddy | Denver, Colorado”
“THANKS so much as always for all this help. I feel like a totally different person because of my work with you. It’s been the equivalent of about 5 years and $10,000 worth of therapy.” — C.G. | New York City, NY
“It’s a great gift to myself. I deserve it and so does every one. Highly recommend it.” – Anonymous
“First time ever, when I don´t feel broken or weird. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me. I know there is a unique purpose that I came to fulfill in my life. It is ok that it will not always fit the society habits, it is ok that I haven´t found it yet. I don´t judge myself for my path of exploring and expressing my true self.” – Anonymous
“I really enjoy being in this program and don’t regret it a single day.”   -Anonymous

What if finding love was actually … fun?


What if we didn’t treat it as a finish line of desperation, but an adventure? What if we didn’t make it feel like a job?


It begins with becoming conscious of who you are beyond the masks of your persona and know what your TRUE SELF wants so you can attract the right partner into your life.

This is a spiritual journey moving from trying to chase the love dream out there to turning inward to create a clear vision and allow it to flow to you.

We developed a program for intelligent, educated women and men who are ready for a deep shift without all the drama, healing or therapy. We know you are a mature, smart person who is looking for real answers and you don’t want to play dating games anymore. You also know that you are tired of being on the fix-me treadmill and ready to jump off and jump into real love!


Introducing …


Where finding love is not just a hope…but an eventuality

When you become conscious of what you truly want in your life, you can learn how to attract it and make it a reality — FAST. The reality is that most people remain single or don’t find fulfilling relationships because they are not conscious of their romantic choices.

We know true love isn’t about having the right profile or learning how to flirt or even where to look. True love shows up when you become conscious of why you are holding yourself back from having the love you want.

Until you uncover who you are on a deep level and who you’re really looking for, you won’t know how to consciously attract him (or her).


debrobcircleHow do I know about this?

This is Debi. I was single into my forties and felt trapped by my own mind in trying to figure out my blocks, heal my wounds and rehash my childhood. This only made me go deeper into despair feeling as though nothing was going to change. What actually made a difference was that I stopped fixing myself and start seeing life as a new possibility. I transformed my mind on the unconscious level which had kept me trapped in my default relationship mode and I uncovered my true self.

I found the love of my life when I was 41 years old and now we work together to liberate singles across the world to stop fixing themselves and to see the amazing person they already are.


About Dr. Robert Maldonado and Debi Berndt

This program was developed by Dr. Robert Maldonado (“Dr. Rob”) who has a Ph.D. in counseling psychology, and is an expert in Jungian Psychology. Robert is recognized internationally as a human behavior and relationship expert. He has had a life-long interest in Jungian Psychology, dreams, world mythology and comparative religion. His diverse academic training includes neuropsychology, neurodevelopment, social neuroscience, and multicultural psychology, and his clinical experience includes working with individuals, groups, couples and families.

Robert’s research interests include the exploration of consciousness, personal transformation, the creative process, and eastern philosophies such as Vedanta, Buddhism, and Taoism. Along with Debi Berndt, Robert has been instrumental in the development and dissemination of the Creative Love Process (“CLP”), a transformative process that empower individuals and couples to create and sustain mutually supportive and meaningful relationships.

Debi Berndt has extensive training in hypnosis and the author of the bestselling book, “Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner.” (Wiley 2010).  She is considered an international expert on dream work, visualization, unconscious communication and has decades of Let Love In By Debi Berndtpractice in meditation and higher consciousness work. Prior to starting Creative Love, Debi was a Marketing Executive for some of the top creative brands and internet start-ups.

Debi Berndt has been featured by ABC, NBC, FOX, Cosmopolitan, YourTango, Natural Health and over 100 radio stations across the US, and featured in the Finnish Reality Show, “New Yorkissa” with one of her success stories.

Debi and Robert are the co-founders of the International Academy of Jungian Spiritual Psychology based in California.



This program is right for you if are…
  • Sophisticated enough to know that dating tips, following silly scripts or listening to your girlfriends’ advice do not work
  • Love to learn new things about your personal psychology from a Jungian perspective
  • Ready to stop playing games and waiting for chance and make love a conscious choice
  • Intrigued by understanding your unconscious mind, your shadow self and spiritual philosophy
  • Ready to take responsibility for your love life and create a conscious chemistry
  • Open to explore your emotions and no longer want to be driven by them
  • Seeking to become your true self, not cookie-cutter version of what the opposite sex wants

This is not the program for you if you

  • like to blame others or external circumstances for your love life
  • are looking for dating tips and tricks on how to get a man to call you back or get someone to love you
  • want a quick fix and aren’t really concerned with long-term personal transformation
  • are looking for therapy, healing and hang on to the past
  • are just looking to find a person, rather than have a conscious, lasting relationship

Here’s what you get for the Virtual Engaged in a Year!

All classes are pre-recorded and you receive lifetime access to all recordings!
EIYClass1-newDiscover your ego-identity that you are unconsciously bringing into your relationships.
  • Move toward the true self you have been hiding from
  • Reveal how you are protecting yourself
  • See what your potential partners are really seeing in you
  • Become more authentically you
VISUALIZATION:  Explore your Personas


Discover why you have chosen your old persona and how to use a new Love Persona that is truly you.
  • Get clear on what you want in a partner
  • BE the person who has that relationship
  • Discover new ways to express yourself with an open-heart in a lasting, true relationship
VISUALIZATION: Creating your New Love Persona for Lasting, True Love
EIYClass3-newThe Shadow dictates all of your behaviors in relationships.
  • Reveal love blindspots in your shadow so you can CHOOSE true love.
  • Go from reacting in relationships to creating the love you want.
  • Become a participant in your own love destiny.
VISUALIZATION: Love Shadow Room Experience
EIYClass4-newThe best way to work with the shadow is in your everyday life. As you experience everyday circumstances you will reveal hidden parts of yourself to be reclaimed and loved!
  • Powerfully use emotional triggers that are leading you to transformation.
  • Experience Emotional Empowerment to recognize your love defenses.
  • Become more self-aware and experience your life in a new, freedom of controlling your own destiny.
VISUALIZATION: Release the Story, Feel the Love
EIYClass5-newReclaim parts of your Shadow to use to draw in your true love.
  • Reclaim your rejected parts in your shadow and its amazing energy and love (there is no healing or fixing your shadow)
  • Become Whole within yourself so you can meet another self-aware partner
  • Feel Energized and FREE TO CHOOSE your true partner
VISUALIZATION:  Integrate your Love Shadow
EIYClass6-newConnect with your Inner Adam® or Inner Eve to understand your current unconscious romantic patterns keeping you from great love.
  • Connect with a deeper part of your SPIRIT (IA) or SOUL (IE)
  • Get insight as to your readiness for true love
  • Understand why you are attracting the wrong people and turn it around to meet the right one.
VISUALIZATION:  Meet your Inner Soulmate
EIYClass7-newAdvanced tools to work with your Inner Adam or Inner Eve to help you get clear on your true love vision!
  • Open your heart through special guided visualizations
  • Make a deeper connection to the source of creativity and love inside of you
  • Become one with your real self and experience a divine relationship within so you can create a powerful connection in your relationship life.
VISUALIZATION:  Cultivating your relationship with your Inner Soulmate
EIYClass8-newBuild a new relationship with your Inner Soulmate so you can create a conscious chemistry with the person who is meant for the real you.
  • How to recognize if the person you are dating is the one
  • Fine-tune your connection with your divine self so you can meet your Outer Soulmate
  • Understand dating from a new perspective and working with your Inner Adam or Eve to find the love you want.
VISUALIZATION:  Inner Soulmate Doorway to the Future



Engaged in a Year® is where you find love being TRUE to you!

The investment.

If you were to hire Robert and I to work with you privately, our fees start at over $10,000.  We could charge $5,000 or even $2500 for this program, but we decided to make it available to more people and the investment for the Engaged in a Year program is




 Easy Pay Plan Available


Yes, I want to get Engaged in A Year®!






 Eight (8) Love Visualizations MP3 Downloads

In addition the visualizations in the course, you will also receive eight (8) extra bonus visualizations that are specifically designed to help you work with your unconscious mind and create a new love reality.

  • AM Love Meditation
  • Facing Your Fear
  • Dating Patience
  • Let Go of Need for Approval
  • Taking Powerful Action
  • Amazing Self
  • Heart Communication
  • Inner Love Guru

VALUE $250!


Successful Creative Love Stories

“We are getting married on May 18th! This work changed my life” — C.B. | Denver, Colorado

“I can’t believe I actually got engaged in a year!” — G.W. | Galveston, TX

“He’s better than I imagined he would be.” — G.C. | Chicago, IL

“I am on cloud ten! Thank you for helping us find each other.” — T.C. | Toronto, CANADA

“We met 8 weeks after we started working together and just celebrating our one year wedding anniversary!” — A.D., New York, NY

“I’ve never been treated so well. This is the one!” — C.O. | Columbus, OH

“I’m engaged! Thank you so much for your guidance in drawing my true love to me.” — C.A. | Saudi Arabia

“Forget about Get Engaged in a year, you should call the program completely change your life mastermind, I got so much more than I expected!” — N.C. | Dublin, Ireland

I am now in a relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams.

“I felt I had lost all hope of meeting a truly good man that I would also fall in love with. After a lot of not-so-great relationships, I felt I kept making one bad choice after another. Not having much else to lose, I kept with our program and did my homework. Not only did I meet the most amazing man a month after writing that email, we now live together in a beautiful apartment, about to take our relationship to the next level. I’m so grateful for Debi for not letting me settle, for guiding me to make better choices and helping me find the love and respect for me and through that, the most loving, respectful relationship that’s beyond my wildest dreams.”

— Annabella | NYC


This is much more than about finding love.

“I was in a spot in my life where I knew I needed to change.  That life had so much more to offer and I did not want to go on living the way I was anymore.  I had an urge inside me to find the greatness within myself.  Something others could see, but I did not believe in.   I was asking the universe for guidance and stumbled upon something from Debi online.   I have been in this program since May 2013 and just signed up for my second extension!  I am invested in the journey and (mostly) not worried about the end result as I know it will be exactly what I want it to be.  My life has changed so much since beginning EIY.  I am confident, grounded and happy.  I am so much more successful at work; finding opportunities I thought were ‘beyond my reach’.  I even lost 30 pounds (shadows and projections were weighing me down!).  People (even my executive boss) say, “Wow Stacey, you are a completely different person”.  I know I am not a different person, I am just finally in touch with my true self.   I have made so many new and lasting friendships.  Meeting men that are interested in dating me is easy.   I glow and love sharing my energy and love with everyone around me.  Have I met my husband yet, no.  Have I established the spiritual foundation and understanding of my true self, Yes!”.  Thank you Debi and Roberto. Thank you with all of my heart for entering my life at the right time, for being fun, energetic and caring teachers and mentors.” – S. Sullivan, Cambridge, MA
“EIY Program challenges the conventional way of thinking thus making it one of the “richest” material and content I have come across with. It has enriched my life, my thought process and looking forward to greater shifts in my life’s journey.”
PD – Dubai
“First time ever, when I don´t feel broken or weird. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me. I know there is a unique purpose that I came to fulfill in my life. It is ok that it will not always fit the society habits, it is ok that I haven´t found it yet. I don´t judge myself for my path of exploring and expressing my true self.” – Anonymous



There are a lot of programs out there that talk about core beliefs and positive thinking and learning about your past patterns that drive your current relationships. So, you are probably really, really aware of these patterns and think you understand why your relationships are not working —but still things aren’t changing. WHY?

These are surface stories that you have told yourself, they won’t change your unconscious drives or ego desire to protect you from opening your heart.

You can tell yourself sad stories about your past which only keeps you stuck, or you can transcend the ego and personal history to step into your true love potential already within you unconsciously!

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you think of it as fate.” – Carl Jung

You cannot change what you are not aware of.

In our Engaged in a Year® Program, we will help you tune into the process of becoming your true self that is already happening inside of you. Once you activate the process with our work, you will start to accelerate your own transformation and the force within you that desires true love will CARRY YOU and GUIDE YOU to your amazing partner.

No more struggling to figure it out and making it work, you step into the flow and become a unified part of the transformational nature of your true self


Engaged in a Year Virtual Program

This is a pre-recorded program. A new lesson will be sent to your inbox every week for 8 weeks.



Easy Pay Plan Available



Review Guarantee:  You can review the process for 30 days and, if you don’t feel like it is a good fit, you can ask for a refund. This program in no way guarantees any specific result, but you CAN find the love of your life if you follow the process exclusively without mixing in other programs or modalities.  Although Dr. Robert Maldonado and Debi Berndt are both trained in therapy approaches, this program is not intended to be used as a therapeutic intervention.