Awaken Your Inner Soulmate LIVE

Stop dating in the dark and shine the light for real love

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Find Love In LondonUncover the REAL REASON that is holding you back from true love.

The pattern of attraction repeats itself over and over. You can’t escape it.

Think your last three relationships. They probably have a similar story or thread, maybe you are just now realizing there is a pattern.

Just being aware of the patterns won’t make them go away.

No matter how hard you try, you still end up with the guy who leaves, won’t commit or keeps changing his mind.

The solution isn’t waiting for the RIGHT person, but by TRANSFORMING YOUR INNER “MATE SELECTOR” that is attracting what you don’t want.

Find True LoveBeing single doesn’t mean that you are broken.

Are you tired of feeling bad because the advice in all the dating books and websites tell you it is all your fault?

The truth is that there is nothing wrong with you.

Your pattern of attraction is set up to give you the same results over and over no matter how amazing you are. You may be unconsciously drawn to men who will disappoint you and you can’t help it.

You don’t need to heal, fix or magically cure yourself to attract a partner. You just need to understand the real you and let go of ego-based desires that lead you to heartache. Be liberated into a new, empowering way of seeing yourself and draw in the love your deserve.

The good news is that you haven’t settled. You are at the most powerful place in your life to make a CONSCIOUS LOVE CHOICE for an AMAZING PARTNER.

NOW, you can change your love destiny forever…
Reveal Your Love Shadow that is attracting the wrong partners so you can attract a love that lasts.

Learn How to Find LoveJoin us for live one-day event to find out the truth about what is stopping you and be empowered to change it. You will experience live meditations and exercises that will expand your mind and transform what you see in men and yourself forever. This life-changing experience will help you find your true love faster and easier without any exhaustive therapy or crazy tricks.

Our Creative Love™ process is based on solid psychology by Carl Jung and strongly influenced by eastern philosophy. But it is also NOT THERAPY, it is completely LIBERATING!

  • DISCOVER — Your unconscious Love Shadow that directs all of your relationships and how to make it conscious so you can CHOOSE WHO YOU LOVE and they will LOVE YOU BACK!
  • EXPERIENCE — Live meditations and get personalized guidance in group setting of like-minded successful, smart single women (and a few token men)
  • AWAKEN YOUR HEART — Finally get a breakthrough in your love life and change your love destiny!

“Romantically, people fit together like puzzle pieces. If you adjust your piece of the puzzle (your inner soulmate) then you will change who you attract.
It’s that simple!”

— Debi Berndt

Find LoveTruth is, you don’t know what is stopping you or you would have already changed it.

It’s interesting that many people claim to already know WHY they aren’t attracting their ideal mate.

They blame their parents, early-life experiences, or even the lack of available men both online and off line.

But, if you think you have identified the problem and still haven’t seen a difference, then you are not working on the right things!

If you really knew what is stopping you, you would have changed it already.

You don’t have to clear or heal anything, you simply must become CONSCIOUS of it and then everything will fall into place.

You Are Choosing The Wrong People Unconsciously.

Find out how to make a new choice and find the love you deserve!
  • Unlock the Barriers to Your Secret Love Garden (Your Heart of Hearts)
  • Discover your Love Shadow (Unconscious Drives for Love Attraction)
  • Connect with your Inner Soulmate (Inner Adam/Eve)

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”

— Albert Einstein


GuaranteeOur 100% Money Back Guarantee

We believe in this process so much that if you attend the first morning and don’t feel it is right for you, you can ask for a full refund before after lunch session begins. We don’t guarantee that you will meet your soul-mate in any specific time-frame because everyone is unique, but we do guarantee you will feel different and empowered after you spend the weekend with us. If you follow the process, it works!

“Unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.”

— Carl Jung