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What if the KEY to love was right in front of you but you couldn’t see it?


What if you had a giant “blind spot” that was blocking everything you were looking for?

Find My Soul MateThere’s a term for this blind spot, and we call it your “Love Shadow.”

More of that in a minute.

If you have been single (a minute or a long time), you may have questioned what was wrong with you. Like there’s a cosmic conspiracy that’s keeping you from finding your ideal partner and the love of your life.

You are working hard on yourself, yet nothing feels easier. You’re listening to the love gurus across the web and attempting to “heal yourself,” believing it will bring love closer to you, only to feel that it is pushing further away.

And instead of finding what you want, you only seem to attract MORE of what you’re actively trying to avoid.

There is a reason this is happening.

Most of the relationship programs out there that sell you on finding love focus on healing and therapy. You don’t need to be fixed.

The truth is that trying to fix yourself is why you’re only finding more heartache and disappointment. In fact, the more you try to fix, the more you try to heal, the more you see being single as a pathology to be corrected, the more you will unconsciously embed your issues into what we call “your love shadow.”

We’re here to tell you that being single is not a mental disorder.

Yet, there is a reason you are still single.

But it’s not because you need fixing.

It’s not because you need to be FREE of the fixing treadmill.

It’s because you need to understand the gift of your love shadow.

Love Shadow?

We know. It sounds like some woo-woo mumbo jumbo, but it’s a very real concept, developed in Jungian psychology.

It’s very real. It’s very important. And it has a very profound impact on your ability to attract a lasting, happy relationship. (Married people would be happier if they understood their love shadow too).

The reason you haven’t found love yet isn’t because something is wrong with you.

Frankly, you just haven’t settled like the rest of your married friends.

What if a higher part of you was holding out for GREAT LOVE and you just needed to remember how amazing you are right now?

You attract who you believe you are.

Share The Love, Become a Certified Love CoachYou think you are attracted to men or women because of their surface qualities (or Persona).

You gauge a proper match by their looks, social position, financial situation or personality like the world teaches you.

But, you actually have what you know as “chemistry” with people who match what you believe about yourself on a deep level.

Romantic attraction isn’t something that you can see, it is unconscious. We call this a part of your LOVE SHADOW.

Your Love Shadow is simply the unconscious part of you that directs the quality of the experience you have in romantic relationships and what you may mistake as real love.

Think of your last three relationships. They represent your relationship default. You look back and realize they represented a destructive romantic chemistry that led to heartache.

You wonder why it keeps happening to you. They keep leaving or no one is showing up at all. You start to believe there is something wrong with you and the dating gurus tell you that you need to heal yourself so you can find love.

Again, there is nothing wrong with you. There is nothing to heal or fix. You are not broken.


The truth is so simple, so easy to understand on a cognitive level, yet when it comes to our own lives, we create a virtual love blind spot (or two).

Finding what you truly want requires learning how to see your love blind spot and see yourself as you truly are.

This simply means learning to understand your true self on a deeper level so you can make conscious choices in romantic relationships instead of settling for the default of your current experience.

Unless you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate.   -Carl Jung

It is time to get a clear view of what is holding you back from the love of your life.

Learn How to Find LoveBy understanding your Persona (ego) and Love Shadow (the unconscious part of you), you can stop attracting what you don’t want in partners and attract the love of your life.

You cannot change what you are not aware of, so by becoming aware of your LOVE SHADOW you will be empowered to find the love your truly deserve.

The Love Shadow is not mean, bad or evil or wants you to be single and alone. “Shadow” according the Carl Jung is something that is unconscious, hidden from you view. This shadow is driving all of your romantic attraction to the ones that leave, don’t want to commit or no one at all. Once brought to the light, you can free your mind to have lasting love.

This is bringing me CLOSER TO LOVE

It is so freeing to learn that by embracing our shadow, and the parts we have always been running away from, that we are actually getting CLOSER to love, not further away! I love this!

- Quote from Client in our Engaged in a Year Program

This is why we created our new course….

The Gift of the Love Shadow

“Multi-AHA-ism” Experience

A 4-part Teleclass series on how to recognize your Persona and Shadow in your dating life and begin the process of shifting your attraction mechanism so you can be FREE to choose your ideal partner.

Based on Carl Jung’s psychology and eastern philosophy, this new empowered approach to working with your LOVE SHADOW will help you feel FREE, ALIVE and FULL OF ENERGY.

Finally forget about fixing or healing yourself, this is about reclaiming your greatness and loving ALL parts of yourself so you can find a partner who loves all of you!
Here’s what we cover in this 4-part series:




The reason we are attracted to someone isn’t because of their surface features, their looks, their career or even their personality. Understand how you have been over-focused on these attributes of yourself in order to find love and how to discover the GOLD inside of you that is really the way to attract an amazing partner.

  • Understanding that what your EGO wants in a partner is leading you to heartache
  • Seeing through the masks of your surface self (Persona) and remembering your true Self
  • Throwing away your “list” and attracting the ideal for you
  • Embracing your ego and developing a powerful ego for lasting love MEDITATION – Persona Freedom For True Love 

Open up your mind to what your personality is showing you about who you are in relationship to every area of your life.


shadowboxes1We fit together romantically like puzzle pieces, not by common interests or ratings of 1-10 in looks but by our emotional openness to letting love in on a unconscious level. By understanding how to recognize your shadow that is creating the pattern of heartache, you can finally be free to have CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY with the person that is meant for the true you. Again this isn’t about healing something, but becoming aware of mis-information and myths of the past that keep you stuck in your current experience.

  • Experience a process to reveal your Love Shadow (hidden self) that is attracted to people who don’t match what you want.
  • Tools to develop compassion for your human-side and fall in love with all parts of you.
  • See how you are projecting false ideas from your mind into romantic situations that are causing you unnecessary stress and anxiety.
  • Discover the Shadows of Commitment, Vulnerability, Communication, Sex, Pride, and  even your Greatness! MEDITATION – Love Shadow Revealer Meditation

Look behind your personality to reveal the clue to why you are not attracting the person you want and how to bring your shadow into the light for integration into your greatest self.


The persona and shadow are a way we balance out our psyche. One extreme will cause imbalance.shadowboxes3
By learning to find your inner balance, accepting ALL parts of your human self and realize that there
is a much bigger spiritual self you can be less hard on yourself (and others you are in relationship with) and be free of the ties of keeping up a persona in order to attract Mr. or Ms. Right.  You can stop being triggered and emotionally react in dating and relationships and come to them with a deeper sense of wisdom and clarity. This helps you make more conscious choices in partners so you can draw in the one who is meant for the true you.

  • Develop your new ideal Persona for the love of your life
  • Understand how to navigate the emotional triggers that appear when facing your Love Shadow
  • How to master the dance of intimacy by seeing your partner’s true self beyond the projection of your Love Shadow MEDITATION – Beyond the Shadow to True Love

See your true self beyond the Shadow and Persona and discover the REAL YOU. Get a felt sense of that amazing part of you and open your heart to true love.




  • 1 hour recorded question and answer session with Debi Berndt & Dr. Robert Maldonado
  • Hear attendees get frequently asked questions answered about next steps to success in attracting your true love
If you join our Gift of Love Shadow Experience, you get
  • Four (1) Hour Lectures with Debi Berndt & Dr. Robert Maldonado
  • Three (3) Creative Love™ Meditations Mp3s
  • Transcripts of the Calls for Deeper Understanding
  • Lifetime access to all recordings, meditations, handouts in your personal Inner Circle Account.

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One word describes what all my clients are saying about this process….”WOW”

-Carrie Southern, Director of Coaching at Creative Love™


This 4-part teleclass experience has been created by Debi Berndt and Dr. Debi Berndt and Roberto MaldonadoRobert Maldonado, founders of Creative Love.

Debi Berndt is the best-selling author of the book, LET LOVE IN: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner (Wiley 2010). She was single into her forties when she unlocked the secret to love by opening up to the power of her unconscious mind.

Dr. Robert Maldonado is an expert in Jungian Psychology and Eastern Philosophy. He hold a Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Wisconsin and has over 30 years of experience in the field of psychology, yoga and spirituality.

Debi and Robert are partners in life and Creative Love. Their mission is to empower singles to step away from the old therapy mode of fixing and step into their true potential by mastering their mind.


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ONLY $497
or three easy payments of $197

Instant Access

Our Satisfaction Promise: We don’t offer guarantees in our programs because we believe that every person is personally responsible for their own life. We cannot make you do the exercises or listen to the calls or meditations, so we cannot in good faith promise an outcome that we do not control. We do know that if you  participate, you will get an amazing transformation. You always get back what you put into something. So, we offer this promise.