What if your true love was already in your life but you couldn’t see them?

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-image-love-first-sight-image14496431Are missing out on opportunities for love? Don’t worry about the Law of Attraction, you can use the Law of Perception – the practice of aligning your mind so you can see the person who is searching for the true you. (They could be right next to you!)

Align your Dating with Your Mind – save time and energy

When you are approaching love on the conscious level only, you end up with superficial matches. Maybe in the past you relied on expert advice talking scripts, added the suggested buzz words in your profile to give you the most traffic and dated like a crazy person only to end up exhausted and confused or not getting anyone contacting you online at all. You either have no chemistry with your matches or the ones you feel attracted to are unavailable. It gets frustrating and this makes you want to just give up on love. Especially when the experts tell you that it is all YOUR FAULT for not doing it right.shadowboxes1

Surface dating advice simply doesn’t work unless you just want a superficial relationship. You don’t need to put on an act, have the best profile, learn what the opposite sex wants, or learn how to say all the right things in order to find love. Think about it. If you are pretending to be someone else to fit another person’s superficial ideal, how can you attract real love from your heart?

Finding love isn’t about the number of dates you go on, but the quality of your thinking while you are dating that makes all the difference.

Align your mind with the true you inside so you can find the REAL LOVE!


What our past students are saying

Debi and Roberto are MASTERS of love. I really had no idea what to expect and I was blown away by the insights and connections I received. I love how they combine different tools to be incredibly effective in their work and how deep it goes. If you want a shallow quick fix, don’t come here, but if you want deep, lasting love you are in the right place.

-Kristen Baker, Houston, Texas

I just wanted to say thank you, Debi and E Roberto for this course. In 3 weeks I feel like I made more progress than I had in 8 months prior dealing w/ breakup, and really, the most progress I’ve made in 20+ years of self awareness, counseling, therapy, self-help, etc. I feel like it’s all starting to click, and I’m moving away from ego based love, into divine- even in my other non- romantic relationships. Thanks again!

-H.K., Boulder, Colorado

Find My Soul MateThe only path to love is inside, by having the right mindset.

You can do all the “right” things, but if your mind is not aligned with love, your actions will give you poor results. True love comes from you being your TRUE SELF. When you are aligned inside with the real you, the great love you have been searching for will appear quickly. You don’t have to wait until the timing is right or when the stars are aligned, you can have true love RIGHT NOW!

It is time to have some CONSCIOUS CHEMISTRY®

We fit together like puzzle pieces. You are attracting an exact match to your unconscious piece all the time. The only way to change who you are attracted to is to change your INNER piece of the puzzle.  Then you will have Conscious Chemistry® with the person who is meant for the REAL YOU! The key to love has always been inside of you.

You don’t have to change who you are, you have to discover how awesome you are!

There is a deeper, spiritual part of you that wants true love for you more than you want to receive it. Learn how to access this wiser you and align yourself with the person who you truly deserve!

What our past students are saying

“I want to say thank you to everyone! Dr Roberto and Debi,for this course, very deep, an approach quite different what I did before, I have learned a lot, I feel much more open,with hope, and I don’t feel the necessity to rush to find a partner,Thank you Debi to help me to discern my core believe and discover what is my goal (actually I have listened to it three times and I always find something)I’m at peace with myself.” – M.A., (Barcelona/Spain)

Finally…no more fixing or healing!

Now, don’t get nervous about changing your unconscious puzzle http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photo-woman-letting-go-balloons-beach-full-length-happy-young-image33913000piece. This process is NOT about fixing yourself. If you are tired of “working on yourself” and feeling that the journey to love has been exhausting, you came to the right place. Would you like to experience faster results without having to dig into your past history, forgive everyone and do some magical trick to clear of your wounds?  The only reason you haven’t found love yet IS NOT because you are broken or need to be healed. You don’t need to clear “blocks” but align your conscious mind with your true self. You are already perfect – there is nothing to fix.

Do you feel that a part of you wants love but another part of you keeps holding you back? The way to actualize great love in your life is by making the unconscious part that is holding you back, conscious so you can be free to choose and create the love you desire.

This process is growing beyond your conditioned mind and start living from your creative mind.

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will think of it as fate. – Carl Jung

Love…it is all in your mind

Your thoughts create your life, but most people are not in control http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-relaxed-woman-listening-to-music-portable-cd-player-closeup-overhead-view-lying-sofa-image30840412of their thoughts. Their life is created by the default chatter.  You think it is easy to stop, but you feel like you are swimming upstream to avoid those judgments, “I will never meet anyone. I am not pretty enough and that’s why he didn’t call. I am too old, too fat, too boring.” You get the picture.

But, just reversing these ideas and telling yourself superficial affirmations do not help. You are trying to solve the issue based on the symptoms – the surface thoughts.

In order to make a lasting transformation in your love life, you must go to a deeper place in your mind – the unconscious.

The reason you don’t have love isn’t because of the surface thoughts, but a deeper idea that holds them in place. You have to find the root and your life will transform forever.

What are past students are saying…

“Debi and Roberto, thank you for a wonderful course. Together you make a powerful team. Not only did I enjoy the course, but I also learned a lot. I especially love the meditations. So good. I also enjoyed being surrounded by all these wonderful ladies. I also need to go back and listen to the calls. That shadow work. BIG HUG to you all!:)” – A.M. (Edmonton/Canada)

Find Love and Get Engaged In a YearThe clearer your vision and more focused your energy, the faster you get results!

You may have been told to think positive, to visualize your ideal and put up a vision board, but most likely no one has told you HOW to think and that is the difference between getting the same result in relationships and having the experience of true, amazing love!

Learn HOW TO USE YOUR MIND to break away from old habits of thinking and being to completely shift how you feel about yourself, about love and about your potential partner. This powerful shift changes the trajectory of your life and brings new, fresh opportunities from your unlimited potential in love.

Truly Life Changing Journey
Robert. Debbie. This is unlike anything I have ever experienced in my life. This is real. This is true love. This is what I prayed for, asked for and hoped was truly possible.
Tears well up in my eyes as my heart is overflowing with gratitude.
He has worked me through a few fears and a few shadows and is as solid as a rock.
He believes I am the woman he has been looking for all his life and it feels like best friends, true love and the added bonus of romance.
My children adore him and want me to marry him. He asked me to chose a ring last night.
When things are official, I will of course update you.I just HAD to take an opportunity to thank you from the depths of my heart for taking us through a truly life changing journey. It is exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it.  God Bless you!
-S.B., Minnesota, USA

Are you ready to really believe in love, really?

Creative Love® presents….


A 5-part program to help shape your mindset to attract the love of your life!

In this program, we will provide you with all the tools to help you shift your mindset from “Is he ever going to show up?” to aligning your higher mind with attracting THE ONE! We won’t try to heal you or fix you, you are already perfect. We are simply helping you shift your self-perception, and move away from the self-deception that you aren’t worthy of love.

Join thousands of people around the world who have embraced the Creative Love Process and are living with unlimited possibilities in love and purpose.

Our new online course, Aligning with The One is what you have been waiting for!


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About Debi and Dr. Robert

Debi Berndt (Author of Let Love In: Open Your Heart & Mind to Attract Your Ideal Partner – Wiley 2010) and Dr. Robert _DJ20046Maldonado (Ph.D. Counseling Psychology, Expert in Eastern Philosophy and Jungian Spiritual Psychology) have developed the Creative Love® Process which allows singles to open their hearts to experience great love without having to do therapy or healing work.

Debi and Dr. Robert believe that the reason people haven’t found love is because they are simply not conscious of what is driving their desires and attraction. They are drawn to people by default chemistry constructed by their ego which leads to superficial relationships, stagnant marriages and many times heartache and disappointment.

Their work is based on Carl Jung’s individuation process but is NOT therapy-based. Their philosophy is that everyone is human and goes through the natural process of becoming themselves. It doesn’t matter what happened to you, we were all born with the same great, unlimited potential to reach any goal we desire including having a lasting, loving relationship.

Debi and Robert have been together for nine (9) years and believe that no matter what age you are or what your past is, you can find a great love relationship. Here they are celebrating Debi’s 50th birthday on a Seine river cruise in Paris, France!


Imagine, really believing love is not only a possibility, but an eventuality.
Imagine NOT having any anxiety or stress about dating or meeting THE ONE!


Here’s what we will cover in the program:

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image27871481Class 1:  Discover your Inner Mind Power to Attract the One
  • Make the shift from a limited, lack mindset to creative mindset of possibilities in love
  • Move from desperation to PARTICIPATION in your own love destiny
  • See possibilities in obstacles and change your perception
  • Understand what your current results are showing you about your mind and how to shift inside to see a new external reality


Class 2:  Discover your Heart Power to Align with True LoveFind Love


  • Secrets to be more open-hearted to great love
  • Cultivating self-compassion and compassion for others
  • Experience your true whole self and know you are not broken
  • Balancing your emotions in dating and relating with others



Class 3:  Aligning your Mind with Action to be more Confident in Dating
  • How to never feel rejected againdreamstime_xs_33778073
  • Stepping out to expand your comfort zone and having a fuller life
  • Letting go of results and embracing the path that unfolds for love
  • Freeing yourself from time-frame anxiety and “when is it going to happen?”


Class 4:  Aligning with Commitment so you can make the love you find LAST! 
  • Recognizing if a person is right for youhttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photography-engaged-couple-embracing-image29427442
  • Powerful communication and boundaries
  • Managing your mind not to rush in too fast or fear it is going too slow!
  • Synchronizing your Heart with THE ONE who matches your true self
  • See the difference between projecting your shadow self and seeing the real person you are dating.
  • Experience the courage to stay committed to yourself when you meet someone new, no compromising!


BONUS #1:  REPLAY Q&A Call with Debi and RobDebRobSmile



  • Learn from others as they share their questions and their success stories

BONUS #2:  DEBI’S MINDSET OF LOVE VISUALIZATION SEThttp://www.dreamstime.com/stock-images-woman-headphones-dreaming-listening-to-music-girl-relaxing-over-blue-sky-background-image42919594

Enjoy four (4) powerful new visualizations to help you cultivate the MIND OF LOVE and attract the love of your life. These will be new visualizations that will work directly with your unconscious mind to bring you the faith, peace of mind and confidence to draw in the love of your life.

Plus some additional visualizations from our library of over 200 mp3s to be determined by needs of the group.

(VALUE $300)


Receive one (1) 30-minute private 1-on-1 Love Alignment Coaching Session with one of our highly-trained Creative Love Coaches. Breakthrough any remaining mindset traps to help catapult you to lasting love this year!

Get your questions answered in a private environment via phone or SKYPE with your assigned coach.

In thirty minutes you will be more clear than ever as to what you need to do to make love a reality for you!


Home Study Replays Now Available!

  • Get Four (4) Mind Expanding Lectures via Webcast or Phone
  • One (1) Bonus REPLAY Q&A Group Coaching with Dr. Robert Maldonado and Debi Berndt
  • Four (4) Mind of Love Visualization Downloadable MP3s to help you align your mind with love
  • 30-minute Love Alignment Session with one of our Creative Love® Coaches

Join thousands of people around the world who have embraced the Creative Love Process and are living with unlimited possibilities in love and purpose..


ONLY $397!


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Review Guarantee:  You can review the first class and, if you don’t feel like it is a good fit, you can ask for a credit to exchange for another program that better suits your needs.  All virtual course sales are final. No refunds. This program in no way guarantees any specific result in finding a person within a certain time frame. However, if you do the work as directed you will see amazing results that last!  Although Dr. Robert Maldonado and Debi Berndt are both trained in therapy approaches, this program is not intended to be used as a therapeutic intervention.